A new home, a new hope , a new life!!!

The 1930’s Newtonian Dismantled and Transported.



After the reccy to figure out what tools to take and how to dismantle and transport the telescope safely I set off with some excitement to Glasgow fully prepared for the take down and  transport of the old scope. To safely transport in the car I built a frame for holding both the stripped down OTA (15kg) and the substantial 35kg equatorial head (not including counterweights or DEC shaft). It is with some sadness I was unable to transport the observatory dome as it was still watertight. But it will get a brand new house anyway.

We did actually try to remove some/all of the concrete pier but the demolition equipment we brought just wasn’t up to the task. But that’s moot really because neither was my car’s suspension. I’ll pour my own concrete founds I think….

DSCF7433 DSCF7423


At 1.75m long It was a tight squeeze getting the OTA tube in the car.

The mirror cell, Finderscope and secondary/spider were stripped out and safely stored before removing the scope from the mount.

The Equatorial head (set for about 55degN) safely bolted to the frame otherwise considerable damage to my car would have been certain!!



The worm gear and 11in gear-set looks considerably tarnished but they still turn smoothly and with some careful cleaning and TLC I should be able to restore them fully. The RA shaft will be stripped out completely along with the clutch for a full service.









The DEC shaft is a bit stiff to turn but again will be stripped down and serviced. All in all it’s a very solid equatorial mount and capable of supporting a much greater load than the 25Kg total OTA weight. The OTA is solid plywood 12mm think with a window for access to the mirror. The focuser as a 2in rack and pinion. I’m not sure if I can save the focuser or not….it may need replaced with a modern crayford type. The finder scope looks to be a 7×40 with erecting prism, bound with a leather tube!! The DEC shaft with counterweight is another 35kG. In total it’s around 100Kg to mount on a pier.

So it’s all tucked safely away with it’s new owner (me) in my workshop. I haven’t decided what order the refurbish is going to happen but before that happens I think I’ll sit down with notepad and pencil, some strong coffee with some Jean Texereau to guide me on this adventure…………………

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