12in F3.3 Rich Field Telescope

12in F3.3 Rich Field Telescope


This telescope started off it’s life in a skip and was quickly on it’s way to becoming landfill. The Primary mirror was actually manufactured for a military test equipment purpose using lasers in the 1980’s and 3 of them were thrown out. I managed to get one of these mirrors and squirrel it away in an attic for over 10 years for future use. A few years ago I had it sent down to Orion Optics for testing and recoating with their Hilux 97% coatings and purchased a 80mm flat.

The mirror is extremely fast, F3.3 and will require a suitable coma corrector such as the Badaar MPCC MK3 or the Televue Paracorr, but mirror is figured to better than 1/8th wave which is exceptional for it being so fast. 12in diameter and 2 inches thick.

The mirror cell is made from 20mm Aluminum box section riveted on a jig then welded at the seems. It’s super strong and will adequately support the 10Kg mirror in it’s 9 point support cell.

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The tube will be a bit less conventional and is constructed in hexagonal form from various webs, struts and panels all glued together.