8.75in Ultralight

8.75in F5.8 Ultralight Dobsonian

The scope is an 8.75in F5.8 dobsonian.
Mirror weight  =  2.1Kg
The total telescope weight is 4.9Kg. This weight includes my heaviest eyepiece, a 40 mm Plossl at 180g.

This is the scope used in all my Astropics gallery for imaging and my most used telescope. Being super light makes it quick and easy to set up and use.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the construction of the components

The gallery below includes pictures of the scope as of 2008. I’ve since made some upgrades to the scope (2015) including carbon fibre trusses and wire spider for the secondary. A red dot finder is now fitted to the scope for easy location of objects.